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Matt Fitzgerald is a certified sports nutritionist who has written more than 15 books on endurance sports and nutrition for athletes, including my favoritesВ Brain TrainingВ andВ Racing Weight. His latest book isВ Diet Cults: The Surprising Fallacy at the Core of Nutrition Fads and a Guide to Healthy Eating for the Rest of Us. It works by assigning a score to your total eating for one day that is the sum of point values assigned to the individual items you eat throughout the day. For more on the DQS and how to eat for endurance, you can read Matt’s book Racing Weight.

I am cognizant of my eating habits on a daily basis but the occasional m&m and pizza slice DO end up in the food intake.
Get over 12 free running tools, like workouts, strength exercises, and ebooks to help you become a better runner by clicking here. It is a tool you can use as often as every day to generate an accurate picture of how healthily you’re eating without making a significant commitment of time and energy. But, I think you are right that everyone likes to make the runner’s diet more complicated that it needs to be.

That makes me want to starve myself just so I don’t have to do the math for every meal.

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