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We get asked almost every day on Young and Raw whether or not it is advised to do a detox or cleanse while breast-feeding or pregnant. Too Little Nutrition On A Detox – During pregnancy and lactation, your needs for calcium, protein and iron are doubled, and you have an increased need for pretty much every other nutrient as well to some extent. Many Herbs are Unsafe During Pregnancy And Lactation – There are many detox and cleanse programs that come with herbal supplements, or require fresh herbs as a part of their food protocol.
So even though doing a full blown detox plan is not ideal when you are expecting or nursing, you can still change your eating habits for the better, without putting yourself or the baby at risk. Our 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge and 14 Day Detox iPhone and iPad apps contain over 200 delicious recipes for a healthy mind and body.

She came to the natural health field when she was 14, as a way of healing chronic stomach aches, skin issues, weight problems and hormonal imbalances. Cravings can be the hardest thing to deal with throughout making healthy choices and it is good to remember that small slip ups are going to happen. These toxins are knocked loose during detox and carried to the liver, where they are processed to remove the buffering agent, and then carried out of the body. In some cases women who choose to go the healthier route during their pregnancy will send their husband to hide the junk food somewhere else to ensure they cannot find it and allow the father to be to enjoy his junk food while not in sight. Some men even offer to participate in the healthy changes to make it easier on the mother to be.Another wonderful tip is meal planning.

If you can create a meal plan based around your healthier cravings you can easily spread it across the week and allow you to enjoy the satisfaction of fulfilling these cravings. After a while of eating all healthy foods, you will likely begin to crave foods that are much better choices and even turn away from junk food all together. You can check with your doctor, but tuna is a great food when pregnant as it has many vitamins and minerals that your baby needs to grow healthy and strong.

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