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Physical activity and a healthy diet play a major role in our general health and wellbeing and can help to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and some cancers. With today’s busy life sometimes it can be difficult, however making even small changes to improve our lifestyle can make a big difference and go a long way to improving our health. For ideas on how you can make a start towards some positive changes as well as fiding out more about the local healthy lifestyle programmes running in your area visit our Eat Well and Move More pages. These foods are fine to eat every once in a while, but they are deadly if you consume them regularly. People who consume spicy foods regularly throughout the week have a 14% lower risk of death than people who eat them less than once a week, suggests a study of Chinese individuals.

Chilli pepper was the most commonly used spiced reported by the study population and further analysis showed that participants who ate fresh rather than dry chilli tended to have a decreased risk of death from heart disease, diabetes and cancer. In an accompanying editorial, Nita Forouhi (Cambridge University, UK) points out that the anti-oxidant, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects of chilli and its bioactive compound capsaicin have previously been suggested to be potentially beneficial to human health.
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It is a known fact that exercise can reduce heart disease, obesity, stroke, depression, and stress. Sometimes making healthy choices is not easy if you want to safeguard your health, but it is necessary.

Eat as many fruits, and vegetables as possible, and eat meats that are lean, and not fatty. Although exercise is important for a healthy heart, eating healthy and getting plenty of sleep are other common denominators to include.
Participants with a history of serious disease such as stroke, heart disease or cancer were excluded from the study and factors such as age, education, marital status and physical activity were adjusted for.

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