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A Youtube diet 'guru' from Australia puts her ultra-slim body down to an extreme diet, which can see her eat nothing but bananas for an entire day. After 4pm she will often eat a cooked meal, again, usually a single ingredient in large qualities, such as 3.5kgs of potato baked in the oven, or another meal of fruit.
Sporting a washboard flat stomach and lean limbs, it is easy to see why many are won over, especially since a key point of her diet is never to restrict calories, often eating well over daily calorie recommendations.Freelee is so passionate about her way of life she has even authored an Ebook on how to follow her diet, as well as her Facebook page, website, blog and YouTube channel. Freelee captioned this picture on her Instagram account: 'Seven years of eating 90% more of my calories from fruit and more fruit than any other female on the planet, averaging between 2,500 and 3,500 calories a day.

Known as 'Freelee the Banana Girl' she advocates an extreme, low processed, low-fat, high-carb raw vegan diet.It's a regime that recently came under fire when fellow Australian Loni Jane Anthony announced she had kept up the diet throughout her pregnancy, insisting that both she and her baby suffered no ill-effects. Having suffered from both anorexia and bulimia in the past, Freelee claims that adopting her low fat, high carbohydrate, raw, vegan diet saw her shed 40lb or 2st 12lb as well as clearing up her acne, chronic fatigue syndrome, low thyroid function and terrible digestion. However several dieticians have spoken out about the dangers of cutting entire food groups out of your diet, and one aspect of Freelee’s lifestyle in particular, her excessive consumption of bananas, raises real concern.
For example, a well-balanced vegan diet can be extremely healthy if managed correctly, however all vegans should pay particular attention to their iron and calcium intake in addition to a Vitamin B12 supplement.‘Raw fruit and vegetables retain more vitamins and minerals than cooked fruit and vegetables and Banana-based diets in the spotlight Controversial Instagram sensation Loni Jane Anthony hit headlines recently when she boasted she's 'living proof that you don’t have to become a whale when you’re pregnant'.

Eating 30 bananas a day on a regular basis, Freelee has posted a video to prove to those who doubted her that she can eat up to 50 bananas in a single day.

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