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If you’re a road warrior, on vacation, or simply going on a cross-country road trip with friends, it can be tough to eat paleo. Contents1 Be Prepared2 Aim for 80%3 Breakfast4 Next Level Restaurants5 Road Trip Ideas6 Go Grocery Shopping7 Paleo Hacking Fast Food7.1 Download Your FREE Paleo Starter Kit Today!
Instead of trying to be 110% paleo while dealing with continental breakfasts, client dinners, conference parties, and road trips, aim to eat paleo 80% of the time. If you’re offered pancakes, toast, or potatoes, sub them out for the fruit cup or a banana instead.
Mexican food is typically very paleo friendly if you can avoid the tortillas and the chips. One of my favorite things to do is to take leftovers from the previous night’s meal, and to toss them into a salad. I started Ultimate Paleo Guide to help people get healthy and eat better by making paleo simple by learning the basics of the paleo diet.

The best advice is to find the most paleo-friendly entree, and to either avoid the sides or to swap them out for vegetables (preferably) or fruit. The best paleo Mexican meal out there is fajitas because you can simply eat the vegetables and meat off the tray, and give the tortillas to your friends. Not only will you impress your clients, but you’ll also eat some pretty amazing food. As well as typically serving higher quality meat sources than most places, these restaurants usually have decent vegetables as sides, and you can usually get a solid burger (with the bun on the side) or another solid meat choice with a side of veggies or fruit. If that’s not an option, get the chicken or the meatballs, and try to have a killer Caesar salad. Some brands also contain trace amounts of wheat and soy, so, if there’s any chance you have any allergies, be careful about overindulging in jerky. Ask for your salad without the dressing, or with the dressing on the side at the very least, and don’t drown your salad in the stuff.

When he's not eating 80% paleo, he's challenging himself to do the impossible and build other Impossible Ventures.
If you want to stay paleo on the road, you’re going to have to prepare yourself and make your diet a priority. That said, be careful with the mashed potatoes, gourmet mac and cheese, and the other sides they tend to bring out.

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