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Plenty has been written about the merits of the Paleolithic, or Caveman Diet, as it pertains to fat loss, but it holds tremendous application for making gains in lean body mass as well.
Eat Like A Caveman, Train Like A Beast Here are some ways to incorporate primal workout behaviors into modern life. Find out what Michelle Money thinks of eating like a caveman in her Fitness Guinea Pig review.
This Paleo Recipe Book is a well-written, well-researched cookbook that focuses on the caveman foods that are best for everyone.

Supporters believe eating, exercising and sleeping like our ancient ancestors will help us lose weight and feel healthier. We just finished the 2nd week of the Caveman Challenge and people are really starting to get after it! I did like the IF but as with everything my body started to kick into me, because I tried going in full up, instead of transitioning.
There's evidence that some of the fruits we enjoy eating today have been around for millennia in similar form.

There are many images of people with 'paleo before and after' photos claiming that this is the best eating pattern for all. The paleo diet was given its name due to its aim to replicate how we ate in the paleolithic Age (age of the cavemen).

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