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If you want to eat healthy, you really must learn about and try to eat in accordance with the Healthy Eating Plate. Eat three meals per day at regular times.  Regular meals keep the digestive system functioning at their most efficient levels. Don’t skip breakfast.  Studies have shown that failing to eat because you “don’t have time” or ill-advised reduction in calories a day can lead to poor health. If you get hungry between meals, don’t resort to fatty, salty, or refined-sugar snacks.  Instead, eat fruit, raw vegetables, or whole grain snacks.
Eating healthy on a budget is completely possible though, you just have to know your way around the supermarket a bit better.
If you are on a healthy eating kick, but your family is not, you might find it a struggle to keep your grocery bill reasonable.

Those of you with less self-discipline would do well to simply express your healthy desires to your loved one. If you just remember dark green, red and orange colors and consistently full of nutrients and healthy, you’ll do well. Even if you’re not chewing each morsel 20-25 times before swallowing, learning to savor your food will improve your eating experience and promote a sense of fullness and satisfaction with smaller portions. There’s no good in eating healthy if you cover the goodness with heavy sauces, gravies, syrups or salad dressings. Learn to enjoy a fruit cocktail, yogurt parfait, baked apples or other healthy options as your dessert.
Try to overcome that voice in your head that tells you “finish your plate.” Calorie control is the vital component of health.

A bit of planning will not only make for more convenient meals throughout the week, they will also be healthier. It will also save you calories, because you can plan to eat a bit less to make room for a few splurges!
That quality control is important, and it allows you to both save money and get creative in your pursuit of health. Eating foods mainly from the perimeter of the grocery store is good for your waistline and for your wallet.

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