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Healthy eating is not about strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love.
To set yourself up for success, think about planning a healthy diet as a number of small, manageable steps rather than one big drastic change.
People often think of healthy eating as an all or nothing proposition, but a key foundation for any healthy diet is moderation.
Try to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day and with every meal—the brighter the better. A daily regimen of nutritional supplements is not going to have the same impact of eating right.
The health benefits of fruits and vegetables come from numerous vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals working together synergistically. Choose healthy carbohydrates and fiber sources, especially whole grains, for long lasting energy.
Healthy carbs (sometimes known as good carbs) include whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables.
Calcium is one of the key nutrients that your body needs in order to stay strong and healthy.
If you succeed in planning your diet around fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and good fats, you may find yourself naturally cutting back on foods that can get in the way of your healthy diet—sugar and salt. Eat naturally sweet food such as fruit, peppers, or natural peanut butter to satisfy your sweet tooth.

BY adding fruits and veggies to every meal, you will not only fill up faster, but you will learn that veggies and fruits are yummy and not hard to eat. This will teach you that fruits and veggies have more to offer then just side dishes, they can be eating during the day on the go! If you approach the changes gradually and with commitment, you will have a healthy diet sooner than you think.
Changing everything at once usually leads to cheating or giving up on your new eating plan. It’s common to mistake thirst for hunger, so staying well hydrated will also help you make healthier food choices. More specifically, it means eating far less of the unhealthy stuff (unrefined sugar, saturated fat, for example) and more of the healthy (such as fresh fruit and vegetables). If you are drawn towards sweet, salty, or unhealthy foods, start by reducing portion sizes and not eating them as often. Healthy eating habits can be learned and it is important to slow down and think about food as nourishment rather than just something to gulp down in between meetings or on the way to pick up the kids. Colorful, deeply colored fruits and vegetables contain higher concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants—and different colors provide different benefits, so eat a variety.
Healthy carbs are digested slowly, helping you feel full longer and keeping blood sugar and insulin levels stable. It is an essential building block for lifelong bone health in both men and women, as well as many other important functions.

Unfortunately, reducing the amount of candy, cakes, and desserts we eat is only part of the solution. I am here to share my story and help encourage you on your own journey to health & fitness. You can expand your range of healthy food choices and learn how to plan ahead to create and maintain a tasty, healthy diet. It actually takes a few minutes for your brain to tell your body that it has had enough food, so eat slowly. Topics include motivational quotes, life quotes, love quotes, wisdom quotes, proverbs quotes, famous quotes, breakup quotes, random quotes, and more.
Eating bacon for breakfast once a week, for example, could be considered moderation if you follow it with a healthy lunch and dinner–but not if you follow it with a box of donuts and a sausage pizza.
The goal of healthy eating is to develop a diet that you can maintain for life, not just a few weeks or months, or until you’ve hit your ideal weight. If you eat 100 calories of chocolate one afternoon, balance it out by deducting 100 calories from your evening meal. Despite what certain fad diets would have you believe, we all need a balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals to sustain a healthy body.

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