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These meals are so affordable, in part, for the same reason that they’re so good for you: we don’t overdo it on meat.
Anything you cook it with soaks up the spice and essentially eliminates the need for additional seasoning. The broccoli heads and pappardelle egg noodles only need to cook for a few minutes - so try to time everything up just right. Save money and time with these cheap and easy weeknight dinners your family will love, such as our cheap chicken recipes or budget-friendly fish dinners.

When we include meat or fish in our recipes, we recommend a reasonable-size portion of 3 to 4 ounces per serving. Of all the experimenting I've done, nothing was easier and a better match for the hot sausage than a simple pasta dish with pappardelle egg noodles and broccoli -- which just so happens to be in season now. Michelle loves meatballs, live music, exotic cheeses, Mexican food, spur of the moment dance parties, and all things pickled. In 15 minutes you have a dinner for four and the only additional ingredient you'll need is some garlic, olive oil and grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to finish it off.

She's a firm believer that just because you're living on a young professional's budget doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste, and carries this mantra into each and every dining endeavor. We’ve even included New York steak and wild Alaskan salmon in this lineup of weeknight meals and they all come in at $4.50 or less a serving—a fraction of what they would cost in a restaurant.

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