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Healthy side dishes for pork

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Bulgogi can be served as a main dish over a bowl of hot steamy white rice or as a component in other Korean dishes such as japchae, lettuce wraps, banchan (an assortment of Korean side dishes), bibimbap, and kimbap to name a few.В  However you decide to eat it, bulgogi will soon become a favorite in your home too! This is a very good dish, I found a short cut however, there is a korean bbq simmer sauce that greatly reduces the cooking time.
This is a wonderful dish a ex-girlfriend that happened to be full Korean told me about this dish.. However instead of using raw fish we use vegetables and Kimchi, we call it Kimbap (Seaweed Rice), I have put together several different combinations and these are really easy to make. This sauce is so versatile and you will see variations of this throughout Korean Cooking, You will also see many variations on the actual sauce throughout South Korea. All you have to do is cut up some vegetables and chuck it in to a slow cooker with some meat, add some sauce and leave it to cook, Very easy to make.
Walking along the streets of Seoul you see stalls everywhere of people selling freshly cooked food.

I have tried numerous Korean restaurants and none can touch her food and was about ready to give up till coming across this yummy looking recipe! Ddukbokki is the most popular food sold, it is very spicy and would cost you about 50p in South Korea.These spicy ribs are delightful cooked in a typically Korean way, nice and hot, the meat is succulent and the vegetables complete the dish. A real twist for the Sunday Roast is my Korean version, Taking a whole chicken, I stuff it with mince and flavour using Soy sauce and Honey. Korean Fried Chicken is a great Korean styled recipe, growing in popularity the spicy dipping sauce is what makes this dish stand out. Popular street food in Korea these are often enjoyed at special occasions such as New year and Thanksgiving, dumplings can be fried, steamed or boiled and can be eaten with most other foods.Budae Jjigae is a Korean fusion dish that is a mix of Korean foods, and tinned western food like spam, sausages and baked beans. Originating around American army camps following the Korean example, this is a great example of Koreans putting there mark on ordinary foods.Dak Galbi comes from Chuncheon and is a spicy chicken dish, it is very different from the short ribbed barbecue dishes of the same name.
An authentic Korean dish that you can definitely enjoy at home.Korean fried rice or Bokkeum Bap is a healthy rice dish.

Fried in a bit of oil with vegetables and meat this is a great dish when you are on the move.Gamjatang is a traditional spicy pork bone soup.
Made with pork spine and potatoes, the work that goes in to this is richly rewarded with a delicious meal.Bossam is a common Korean wrapping food, made using boiled or steamed pork belly it is usually enjoyed wrapped in Kimchi.
Koreans often enjoy this with beer and will probably order this from a Bossam takeaway.Soondubu Jjigae is a very popular spicy stew, made with Silken tofu.
It has a typically Korean spicy flavour but it has a unique texture and the tofu literally melts in your mouth.

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