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Give me sugar-laden, white flour, calorie bomb muffin recipes, and I will turn them into healthy, whole grain Sweet Potato Cranberry Coconut Muffins, Almond Butter Banana Breakfast Bars, and Carrot Cake Muffins. Even previously decadent dips can simply be made healthier (but stay just as delicious) — for example, one of my favorites: Healthier Seven Layer Dip. And clearly there are a lot of other ways to make recipes healthier, too, but these are just some of the major ones that I use all the time. While these tips are all utilized in my recipes, I realized it would be really helpful to share how others can healthify their own recipes, too! These replacements look really good-I’m always baking for my family but sometimes not the healthiest things, hopefully this will help get them into better shape! I'm a northern Virginia Registered Dietitian (RD) with a Masters of Public Health in Nutrition from UNC-Chapel Hill. Make classic lasagna lighter by following these easy tips and tricks for healthier lasagna.

RECIPES FOR KIDSPotato Patties BurgersSimple and quick to make, these potato burgers are the perfect meal for hungry kids on busy weeknight. Learn the basics of how to make a healthy, delicious dinner with the ingredients you have on hand. I didn’t include anything too out of the ordinary (like a vegan flax egg, for example), because I wanted to make sure the flyer was useful for all demographics — I realize that not everyone can shop at Whole Foods and get obscure ingredients! I use some of them all the time, and I should forward it to family members who always ask me how to cook healthier. I’m doing a healthy-cooking night at my church for the other girls my age and I was going to make a flyer JUST LIKE THIS to hand out to them, so it’s perfect! I think this is the first blog where HEALTHY recipes can be found, usually the recipes are not that healthy. I'm a marathoner, (whole) foodie, yogi, CrossFit-er, and lover of sunshine, photography, travel, adventure, and healthy recipe creation.

Although it's not exactly the most stellar meal nutritionally, its cheesy goodness is irresistible.
Don’t cook the meat too much so that it remains juicyВ andВ pinkВ (the burgersВ will beВ re-heatedВ laterВ in the oven,В if the meatВ is alreadyВ cooked through they will beВ dry out). I am always trying to make recipes healthier, whether they are patently unhealthy to begin with and need some serious redemption, or even a little extra kick to make an already healthy recipe even better (think adding chia seeds, etc) Thanks, Anne! Lasagna actually has quite a lot going for it, health-wise—it's all in how you assemble it.
When I develop recipes in the EatingWell Test Kitchen, I rely on a few basic principles to get me through the first test and ensure that (hopefully) what I make is tasty.

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