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Apart from that, healthy breakfast diet will fuel your body with various important nutrients such as Protein, Vitamin B, Iron Fibre, and Calcium.
Friends, never skip your breakfast for the reason that you are on dieting or you don’t have time.
So what’s better than to start your day with these easy healthy breakfast recipes that will make your day..!! Fibre rich oats, healthy fruits and sesame make pancakes completely healthy and yummy even without toppings.
Quick and easy chilli toast recipe is one of the delicious snackВ which your family would love and will ask for it again and again with different numerous toppings to enrich its taste. Healthy protein rich and colourful salad with yummy dressing of honey and lemon juice make this healthy bean salad more mouth watering and delicious.

These low-calorie healthy breakfast recipes will put you into the habit of eating breakfast which you must be skipping by making excuses. Take pan add butter to it, when butter starts melting, place the bread and pour the egg in the middle of the bread hole. I want you to take a minute and think about all of the possibilities a baked egg bread bowl provides.
You can serve baked egg bread bowlsВ for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, middle of the night cravings, and any party with breakfast items on the menu. Healthy Breakfast is considered to be the energy tonic for fresh morning which starts up your metabolism for the day & then works as a fuel pump for your body engine.
You can shorted the round cut piece of the bread in that butter for a while and serve with tomato.

Ezyshine has bunched up some easy healthy breakfast recipes for you to give a Jump start to your day.
Fall in love with one of these tempting, delicious and easy healthy breakfast recipes & stay fit in your skinny jeans.

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