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Cook ground beef plain or with seasonings and diced onions or other diced vegetables; drain. TIME-SAVING TIP: When making a pasta dish that cooks fresh or frozen vegetables, add the vegetables to the saucepan of boiling pasta and water during the last 3 to 5 minutes of cooking for crisp-tender vegetables. The Recipe Club is your online community for cookbooks.Presented by Clarkson Potter and Ten Speed Press. Sunny Anderson is a cook on the go – from growing up an Army brat to traveling the country in search of local flavors, Sunny is familiar with life on the road.

Now, Sunny is sharing her recipes and tips in a partnership with Extended Stay America hotels to create “Away From Home Cooking” — an in-room recipe booklet debuting at Extended Stay America’s nearly 700 locations nationwide with fully-equipped kitchens in every guest room.
Sunny’s culinary experience inspires 11 exclusive recipes found in Extended Stay America’s “Away From Home Cooking” booklet, utilizing simple methods, less than eight ingredients and utensils provided in the Extended Stay America hotel room so travelers can cook home-made, affordable meals on-the-go.
Home-style favorites include North Carolina Braised Ribs, Philly Cheesesteak Rice Bowl and this Easy Chicken Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Spicy Ranch Salad, using store-bought shortcuts to turn a kid-favorite into a grown-up classic: Easy Chicken Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Spicy Ranch Salad. Simple recipes and cooking shortcuts, like taking advantage of convenience products and time-saving cooking techniques, will save you preparation and cooking time.

Her debut cookbook, Sunny’s Kitchen: Easy Food For Real Life (Clarkson Potter, September 2013), quickly topped the New York Times’ Best Seller list, drawing on store-bought shortcuts and always relying on affordable, easy-to-find ingredients to create comforting home-cooked favorites, made Sunny’s way.

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