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To help Oregon State students sharpen their skills, the College of Public Health and Human Sciences is offering new, interactive cooking classes. Healthy Cooking and Meals 101 is a free class that offers a hands-on experience where students learn cooking techniques, healthy and nutritious eating tips, and lessons on food safety and meal preparation. The class was created after a growing number of students expressed interest in learning how to cook. The classes are co-sponsored through a grant from the Women’s Giving Circle and the college’s Moore Family Center. Huffman also helps demonstrate cooking techniques and healthy tips at the beginning of each class. Healthy Cooking and Meals 101 was a pilot project for fall term 2012 and has gone off without a hitch.
So far, we’ve shared with you some tips for getting into a frugal mindset and saving on major purchases.
Not only is snacking late at night bad for you, but it can easily turn into a fourth meal, costing you extra money.
This entry was posted in Finance, School, Students and tagged finance, guest blog, saving money, students, tips and tricks. Seasoned eater of foods, Adam Pash, gives his quick guideline of how he cooks pasta right now. Chef Chris Whitpan prefers fresh pasta, but if you have to use dried for practicality's sake, he thinks Barilla is the winner.
Sensory Scientist Michael Nestrud, Ph.D, says that for the basic recipes, you should avoid the Asian types of noodles, because it's more complicated and relies on a different type of preparation. He adds that you should stir gently for a swirl or two every 3-4 minutes in a figure-eight motion to keep the bits apart.
Once your timer goes off, the pasta should be done, but since different equipment cooks differently, check for yourself by tasting it.
Those of us (myself included) who don't have kitchens large enough to accommodate the large bowl of iced water, I've taken a different approach - I let the carry-over cooking work for me.
Because it's so easy and because almost everyone makes it, a lot of pasta myths have developed over the years. If you're feeling adventurous and have some extra time while you're waiting for your pasta to boil, you can also make your own sauce.

I am always inattentive with pasta, and using his method, if you forget to stir or the water drops down too low, you'll end up with a lot of undercooked stuck together pasta. Like stew, Nestrud says you can make a large amount of pasta and eat it for days and days, without microwaving it and sacrificing the original texture. The next day, bring some more water to a boil, add your portion of pasta, and cook long enough (a minute or two) to heat it throughout. Big marinara-stained high-fives to our four experts chefs for showing me that even though I've been making edible pasta, there are a lot of steps I could be optimizing. A:  Kendra, this brings me back to my days in college when I lived on SpaghettiOs – ate them with my Ruffles potato chips and polished them off with a couple of Dr. Here are a couple of easy recipes that we found on the Minnesota State University’s Student Health Services website.  We were tickled to find the “Zesty SpaghettiOs” recipe and the Chicken and Biscuit Pot Pie would equip you with leftovers for several days at a time.  Let us know what you think and continue tuning in – for the next several weeks we’ll feature many more easy, inexpensive and nutritious recipes ideal for college students!
Unless you need to dry clean your suit for your internship, try to drop your things off at the dry cleaner every other week. Especially if you buy a specialty drink, such as a mocha or late, those can cost $5 or more for the biggest size. If you’re not on a meal plan though and you buy your own food, try to shop at the supermarket and cook your own meals. Stay tuned for more easy tips for students that can help you save and budget your money in college! It's the perennial college student meal because it involves only about four steps, one of which is boiling water. Different brands and shapes of pasta have different cooking times, and one or the other won't be cooked optimally.
All the chefs agree that the cooking time listed there is actually quite accurate, so set your timer for that. If you use Barilla, like I recommend, they conveniently put cook times right on the box, and they are spot on.
Whatever amount of time is indicated on the pasta box for how long that pasta should cook for to reach al dente, I subtract 2 minutes and set the timer or I'll just test the pasta for doneness right before al dente. His method recommends putting pasta in cold water, covering it with just enough water to submerge, stirring occasionally to keep things from sticking together and cooking until done (adding water as necessary to keep the pasta covered).
Cook your pasta according to one of the methods up to the point where you determine it is done.

Alternative to this, I've had luck tossing it in a hot saute pan with a little more olive oil, then adding sauce directly to the pan, heating both at once and making for less pots to clean up.
Keep some snacks in your room like trail mix, granola, or crackers for late nights of studying. Chef Barnes recommends a 4 quart pot to cook 1 pound of pasta.A colander that drains quickly is more important than one that looks nice.
That means it's thoroughly cooked, but still offers resistance when chewing, and thus isn't too hard or too soft.
Keep the pasta in a light motion by hand, as well as with the boiling water, and you are setting yourself up for success. In order to do this, you would fill a large bowl with ice and water and have that ready for when the pasta is ready to be drained. At which point, I drain the pasta into a sieve or strainer but then put it back into the pot and cover it, thereby allowing the carry-over cooking to continue bringing the pasta to the exact level of doneness - al dente - without over cooking and getting mushy.
Also, if you go this route, keep another pot (or a tea kettle, great for keeping extra boiling water on hand) to add boiling water as necessary to keep your pasta submerged. I then allow the sauce to simmer to the consistency that I'm looking for, at which point, I add the sauce directly into the pot with the drained pasta and stir thoroughly and then serve immediately. Get one that spans the sink so you don't spill pasta water everywhere.A pasta utensil that you can cook and serve with.
Learn yourself how pasta cooking progresses by tasting pieces every couple of minutes throughout the process - you'll be a pasta expert in no time. Let the pasta sit in the iced water for about 3-5 minutes, or until the pasta has cooled and will no longer continue to cook.
Cook (they should be sizzling) on medium heat (if they start to color, turn the heat down a bit) for about 3 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds or so, until the onions are translucent. Too much salt is indeed a bad thing, but in the cooking process, this is about the only time you can infuse flavor INTO the pasta, the rest is just coated on the outside. Chef Chris Whitpan has been a chef and manager of restaurants for the last 20 years, and runs his own site, The Kitchen Hacker.

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