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Try this quick and easy chicken dinner #recipe for two during the week when you’re too busy for a complicated meal but want to stay in for dinner. This is the second in my week-long run of 16-minute meals since I’m stuck here on the ranch with only Marlboro Man and my two boys. I am completely on board with ANY recipe that allows for uninterrupted viewing of Real Housewives of New Jersey! I live for finding quick and easy recipes that come out delicious and look like you took forever to make! As a teacher I am always looking for quick, delish recipes to throw on the table before I collapse in the evenings!!
It's Family Recipes week on The Kitchn, but I thought it was important to take a moment and recognize all the different ways people define family.

When cooking for two it doesn’t mean you need to waste your food or eat the same meal every day.
Don’t worry if you didn’t inherit your family cooking trait, these 15 recipes are easy for both the domestic novice and the domestic goddess!
This recipe combines honey, sweet raisins, curry powder and chunky salsa for a little bit of sugar and a #little bit of spice! I found this quick-and-easy recipe on Tasty Kitchen, so I decided to post the step-by-step over there. I love your regular fare too, but especially during the summer it’s nice to not have to slave in the kitchen for too long. Our delicious recipes for easy dinner recipes for two include great dinner ideas like crispy Beef, Chicken Taco, creamy Spaghetti with Peas and Smoky Salmon.

The next time you have date night, treat your #man to a delicious home cooked meal he’ll never forget! Please it’d take nearly that long just to get the water to a boil for the pasta then another 10 minutes for the pasta. A lot of recipes make way more than two portions, and sometimes leftovers aren't fantastic to have around in this season of summer weddings and traveling. So I thought it was time to gather a good list of simple recipes that are perfect for two, recipes that are easy enough to tackle on a weeknight and varied enough that you won't get bored.

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