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Two-in-one adult and kid-friendly family dinner recipes allow you to please everyone while making just one dinner for the whole family.
Easy Grilled Cheese RecipeGrilled cheese sandwiches are so fast and easy to prepare that they're perfect for those nights when you really don't feel like cooking at all. For the more sophisticated palates at the table, we've got you covered with sharp cheddar, Dijon mustard and roasted red peppers, all melted together between two slices of parmesan and black pepper-crusted bread. Pineapple Fried Rice RecipeThis dinner's tangy and delicious, and, with the help of your pre-prepped chicken from your earlier California Cobb Salad and some bottled teriyaki sauce, it's also a fast one that won't keep you cooking for long. Adding sliced strip steak to the adults' portions contributes an extra layer of flavor and makes the meal more special.
Easy Homemade Pizza RecipeEveryone loves pizza—and it doesn't have to be a greasy fallback option, either; healthy, homemade pizza is as easy as, er, pie.
Our pizza is split down the middle between a very basic tomato-sauce, mushroom and mozzarella blend for the kiddos, and pesto, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella cheese, mushrooms and olives for you. For the kids, it's your dinner, deconstructed (also known as scrambled eggs and sautГ©ed veggies, rounded out with some good ol' whole grain toast). These two prepared tacos feature a little bit of everything, with lime juice squeezed on top. Two Peas and Their Pod by Maria and Josh Lichty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Since you want these meatballs to be multipurpose, keep your seasonings pretty generic-those teriyaki flavored meatballs might be fabulous-but they could taste a little odd doused in stroganoff sauce В  I use a basic mix of meat, breadcrumbs, egg, salt & pepper.
Of course you with any of these meal ideas you could also go the not quite as frugal route of using store bought pre-made meatballs. Quick Dinner: 12 Easy Ideas for Ground Beef Last night on Frugal Coast2Coast we had a fantastic show with special guest Erin from $5 Dollar Dinners! Try this quick and easy chicken dinner #recipe for two during the week when you’re too busy for a complicated meal but want to stay in for dinner.
Fresh steamed mussels--also super simple to prepare--transform this dinner into something fit for kings, or at least for company. You can make them right alongside yours, substituting mild cheddar cheese for the blue, and tailoring the toppings any which way. You’ve combines two of my favorite things (polenta and roasted vegetables) and made a standout dish. My 3 year old granddaughter can’t get enough meatballs, and I am tired of spaghetti sauce, lol! Don’t worry if you didn’t inherit your family cooking trait, these 15 recipes are easy for both the domestic novice and the domestic goddess! This recipe combines honey, sweet raisins, curry powder and chunky salsa for a little bit of sugar and a #little bit of spice!

Even if it's just the usual crowd, they add a touch of fine-dining flair for any adults in the house who may not have seen the inside of a fancy restaurant in a while.
Don''t sweat the initial turned-up nose or two; continue presenting options in this way and watch your kids' palates expand.
Our kid-friendly recipe features mild cheddar cheese, yellow mustard and sliced tomatoes, making for a mouth-watering flavor combination. Whether your kids pile on a little bit of everything or stick just to one or two main fillings won't matter; everything they're choosing from is nutrient-rich.
The next time you have date night, treat your #man to a delicious home cooked meal he’ll never forget! Pop it in the oven the next evening and voila: a home-cooked meal with minimal day-of effort.

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