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I know you’re hungry, so, without further ado, here are five great paleo breakfast recipe ideas. If you still can’t get enough recipes, check out the Paleo Recipe Book or the very popular PaleoHacks Cookbook. Hi Maggie, I’ve struggled mostly with the paleo breakfasts as this is the meal most of us have been brought up having toast or cereal.
I never realized how much damage I was doing to myself until I switched to clean eating the paleo way.
A lot of people have asked me what to eat when following the Paleo diet and seem to have the misconception you have to stick with boring eggs-only for breakfast. Would love for you to share your own Paleo Pancake recipes, or what you thought of these when you tried them.

I was going to make these traditional pancakes but I think I shall give your recipe a try instead. This easy and delicious recipe below will satisfy your muffin cravings, while keeping you primal. If you eat paleo but are missing the old days when you would put away a tall stack of pancakes for breakfast, let this perfect recipe put a smile on your face. We’ve got literally hundreds of paleo recipes for you to try here on Ultimate Paleo Guide. When he's not eating 80% paleo, he's challenging himself to do the impossible and build other Impossible Ventures. I like eggs but I need lots of variety so I thought I would share one of my favorite breakfast recipes, which is Paleo Pancakes.

To spice things up a bit and to make this recipe paleo-friendly, just switch out regular old potatoes for sweet potatoes and you’re good to go.
We love hearing that more people are discovering that paleo can both feel and taste great!
I also installed the Kindle reader app and recently purchased a Paleo cookbook, Well Fed 2.
I have found many Paleo recipes online, but a lot of them just seem to have too many ingredients.

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