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This is really good news for all those people, who do not know how to cook dishes in a microwave oven.
Moreover preparations made in microwave are healthier than the same prepared in stove or gas.
If you want to learn how to cook a good Indian flavored microwave chicken dish, you have come to the right place.  For this chicken recipe, you will need 1 kg chicken that has been cut in a way that you prefer, 4 tea spoons of red chili powder, 4 tea spoons of Turmeric powder, 4 tea spoons of Ginger and Garlic paste, 2 tea spoons of Chicken Masala that can be found at your nearest Indian grocery store, 4 large onions, 4 fresh tomatoes, 2 large Table spoons of cream, 1 bowl of fresh mint leaves and salt to taste. First of all, this chicken recipe entails that you clean the chicken pieces properly and marinate it in a microwave casserole bowl, with 2 Table spoons of yogurt, some salt, little ginger and garlic paste, 2 Tea spoons of chili powder and turmeric powder – all of which have been mentioned in the ingredient list of this dish. Once your gravy is prepared, take the marinated chicken pieces and place them in a microwave bowl in such a way that the bigger chicken pieces are placed at the top. In other words, a good microwave chicken recipe, among the hundreds that can be found online, can help you to learn how to cook sumptuous meals for your family and guests, and not just use the microwave oven in your kitchen, for heating purposes!

From the above list you can see that the ingredients are easy to find to prepare this dish. In fact, if mastered properly, a microwave oven can teach you how to cook highly nutritional meals, in half the time that it takes you to stir up the same dishes on the stove.
Given below is one such chicken recipe that can be easily cooked with the help of a microwave oven. This microwave should be set at HI power mode and the chicken should be cooked for 16 minutes.
What’s more, most of such chicken dishes can be easily cooked with the help of a microwave oven.
Indian masala curry has crossed all kind of geographical boundaries and they are now relished and applauded throughout the world.

This particular chicken recipe has distinct Indian flavors and is ideal if you wish to spice up your weekend lunch.
After 16 minutes, add the partially cooked chicken pieces to the gravy, along with the chicken masala.
There is one common misconception that you need Indian style of cooking arrangements to prepare a delicacy from India.
After 5 minutes, add the chicken stock to the curry bowl, cover it with a lid and cook it for a few more minutes, before serving hot.

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