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2014 easy recipes for two :В easy recipes for two with few ingredients, easy recipes for two college students. Try this quick and easy chicken dinner #recipe for two during the week when you’re too busy for a complicated meal but want to stay in for dinner. This week as part of Meal Planning 101, your assignment is to create a list of Plan B’s.
Ingredients needed: rice, protein (cooked meats, beans, shredded cheese), vegetables (fresh or sauteed), toppings (cheese, salsa, sour cream, Asian dipping sauces).
Since I regularly make my own pasta sauces, we almost always have a pint or two in the freezer.
Ingredients needed: pasta, red sauce, a veg or two to serve on the side, Parmesan or Asiago cheese for sprinkling. We adults prefer a little something more than just cheese and tortilla, so I often add grilled meat or chicken or some sauteed vegetables to make it a little more. Ingredients needed: tortillas, shredded cheese, sour cream, salsa, cooked meat or vegetables for extra filling. On warm weather days, a sandwich bar is an easy way to please the masses without heating up the kitchen. Snacky Lunch or Snacky Dinner is an old standby for our family, especially when there are baguettes to be had, homemade or otherwise.

Ingredients needed:В cheeses, meats, nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies, bread, crackers, pickles, olives, other appetizer kind of foods.
Put your favorite pizza toppings on a tortilla and run it through the broiler for a quick Tortilla Pizza. I originally posted this Easy Nacho dish as an appetizer, but it can really double as a meal. Having this list of 12 Easy Meals to make will help you get over the rough patches when dinner doesn’t seem like it will happen any time quick. Favorite fast meals at our house include veggie frittatas, pasta with garlic oil, veg and chicken, and a homemade version of that traditional canned tomato soup that we used to love, but don’t eat anymore because of the ingredients. Thanks so much for the worksheet and making me sit and do this, because it’s inevitable that this will come up.
Don’t worry if you didn’t inherit your family cooking trait, these 15 recipes are easy for both the domestic novice and the domestic goddess! This recipe combines honey, sweet raisins, curry powder and chunky salsa for a little bit of sugar and a #little bit of spice! Whether you prefer light or dark meat chicken, we have easy recipes to make dinner special every night of the week.
Another is to create a list of easy meals that come together quickly from ingredients that you regularly have on hand.

These are meals that your family loves, that come together quickly, and can be made with stuff you typically have in the fridge.
It’s amazing how quickly a bowl of red can come together, about 20 minutes for The Quickest Chili in the West. They have rarely had the canned version because this Chicken Noodle Soup is so easy and economical.
We enjoy breakfast for dinner and quesadillas as fast fixes, but it’s always nice to have other ideas. I know you’ve done a post in the past either here or at Life as Mom about meal suggestions for when you are on a budget.
The next time you have date night, treat your #man to a delicious home cooked meal he’ll never forget!
For extra protein you can add a few cans of tuna or whatever cooked meats you might have on hand.

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