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Indigenous African cooking, traditional Afrikaner cuisine, and the Portuguese among others have contributed to the deliciously diverse flavours of South Africa's "rainbow cuisine." Bredies, biltong, boerewors, mealiepap, umngqusho, mashonzha, and peri-peri prawns feature strongly on the menu in South African homes. Afrikaners are mostly descendents from the original Dutch, French and German settlers, who founded the Cape colony in the 17th century.
Because of the proximity of former Portuguese colonies Mozambique and Angola to South Africa, Portuguese cuisine made considerable impact in the South African kitchen, predominantly through the use of hot and spicy chilli-based peri-peri seasoning.

The cuisine that stands out as typical Afrikaner, is to a large extent based on the Dutch settlers cuisine, with contributions from the French and German settlers. Although you should be able to use most of the code on this site, I recommend upgrading your browser for FREE to Firefox 4+ OR to Google Chrome OR turn on Automatic Updates and download Internet Explorer 8 or higher. Portuguese South African cooking is particularly known for its mouth watering seafood dishes, such as prawns, calamari, bacalhou, and crab amongst others, prepared in a multitude of ways.

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