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Instead of braving the supermarket crowds, try shopping for dinner in your kitchen's freezer. Chicken Pot Pies with HamChicken Pot Pies with HamClever shortcuts make these individual pot pies surprisingly easy. My book, Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook is designed to be your one-stop shop for all things freezer cooking. I am excited to have Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook in my kitchen library!
In this book, Jessica Fisher gives you the tools and motivation, the cooking plans and inspiration, plus the recipes and encouragement that you need to fill your freezer with nutritious and convenient homemade meals.
This Easy Cheesy Pasta and Ham is quick, easy, cheesy and a great way to use up leftover ham.
Years ago I did a review on the Make-Ahead Meals for Busy MomsВ cookbook, and found it packed full of delicious recipes. Hi Tracy, typically we freeze casseroles before cooking, then thaw in the fridge and cook following directions.

My six year old son loves to look at recipes and he saw this one and decided he wanted to make it for supper. So I followed your directions on thawing, but it came out of the freezer over 24 hours before attempting to cook, and it has been now over 50 minutes in the oven at 350, but is still actually frozen solid in the middle. We are excited to welcome you to Pocket Change Gourmet, a collaborative effort aimed at helping families rediscover the joy of cooking a delicious frugal meal together. Our Classic Lasagna and Baked Mac & Cheese are family favorites you can make ahead and freeze for a healthy weeknight dinner.
With the following convenience recipes from Martha Stewart, you can do the work when you feel like it, and reap the rewards when you're hungry.
Loaded with over 200 freezer-friendly recipes, it also provides the know-how to make bulk cooking successful for any family, household, lifestyle, or budget. I find it very hard to meal plan for my husband and I – but your website is really making it a lot easier.
Our chicken casserole recipes, potato casserole recipes and more healthy casserole recipes are recipes for the freezer that make putting a healthy dinner on the table even easier.

Packed with time-saving tips and mouth-watering recipes, Not Your Mother’s Make Ahead and Freeze Cookbook dispels the myth that freezer cooking must involve soggy, tasteless casseroles.
Turn the heat up to medium and stir until thickened Slowly add the cheese, whisk until melted after each addition Season the sauce with salt and pepper Stir ham and cheese sauce into the pasta, mix well Transfer to baking dish and spread evenly Sprinkle with reserved cheese Bake at 350 degrees for about 20-30 minutes or until bubbly Cooking Direction If you make this meal ahead, take the dish from the refrigerator 30 minutes before cooking.
Even if you are short on time and freezer space, you’ll learn make-ahead tricks that will enable you to put a scrumptious spread on the table—in a matter of minutes. Bake, covered for 20 – 30 minutes or until bubbly Freezing Directions After dish is cool, wrap tightly with foil, label and freeze.
Remove from freezer 24 hours before cooking Notes This recipe can easily be doubled for 2 baking dishes, 1 to eat now and 1 to freeze for later.

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