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Cool and wrap that extra meal into individual portions and you’re ready to tackle snacks. I fell a little off track this past weekend with food and working out, but got back on track today with the help of my wonderful husband We got our sweat on with T25 Total Body Circuit and for dinner i made quinoa and black bean chili with ground turkey. I made up every excuse in the world not to meal prep and once I started doing it I realized how easy it was and how it helped me to stay on track all week long.
BOOMERS: Connie is a green living vegetarian who loves to entertain, share great plus size fashion finds, create recipes and crafts (especially crochet, paper-crafting, and decoupage), and work on home DIY with her husband Steve. MILLENIALS: Brian and Mary Beth are world travelers who've gone on a safari in Africa, traveled to New Zealand where they camped for 30-days and visited the monks in Myanmar.

I choose a day once a week and take a few hours to prep all of my lunches for my workweek and dinners if I know I won’t feel like cooking. Set the amount of Tupperware containers or resealable bags you’ll need for the week and pack single portions in them.
I promise you that if you can take just a little bit of time once a week to do this it will be a game changer for your eating habits. My first step was to join a Facebook challenge group with my Beachbody coach Alexa for accountability. By doing this I eliminate the need to grab the easiest, and usually the unhealthiest, thing for lunch that completely throws me off of my clean and healthy eating goals.

Then all you have to do is stick them in your lunch bag the night before and in the event you wake up late, your healthy lunch and snack are ready for you to grab and run. The key to my success has been, clean eating and meal prep, working out, and accountability.

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