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A Dutch oven, also called a “heavy casserole” or “camp oven,” is a heavy-duty cooking pot that is perfect for many healthy recipes and one-pot meals. Dutch ovens are made to last—seriously, Le Creuset has a lifetime guarantee—and can take the heat of the oven and a long simmer on a stove top. So, it’s time to pull out your favorite recipes and a pen and paper to take some notes! You will want to purchase or borrow a few things to get ready for your Dutch oven cooking adventures. Let’s talk about the charcoal for a minute because it is such an important part of Dutch oven cooking! The general rule of thumb is two charcoal briquettes per inch in diameter, and typically more coals are placed on top than on bottom.В  For example, a 12-inch Dutch oven would have 14 coals on top and 8 underneath for a temperature of about 300 degrees F. Even though the Dutch oven has been seasoned, it’s a good idea to rub the inside with a little oil before using it.
Secret #14: As far as clean up goes, if the Dutch oven is well-seasoned, it will be a snap! I chose one of my favorite recipes to turn into a Dutch oven recipe — this Chicken Provencal is amazing! We usually do it in the oven or slow cooker.
When cooking biscuits, breads and cobblers, always turn the Dutch oven a quarter turn and then the lid quarter turn opposite direction about every 15 minutes to avoid burnt spots. Our healthy recipes for a Dutch oven, including beef stew recipes, Dutch-oven chicken recipes, stew recipes and soup recipes, are delicious dinners with easy cleanup. Now that most of us do our daily cooking indoors on and in modern stoves and ovens, it seems like Dutch oven cooking is more for hobbyists and campers. Over the years we’ve modified old family favorites for use in a Dutch oven as well as finding new ones.

Secret #1: You should buy a Dutch oven a little before you plan on using it to make sure you have time to properly season it. I”ve been in dutch oven cooking for three years and still learning from people like you. Buy the cheap cake pans and punch holes in opposite sides and make a bail to pull your goodies out of the oven. Try our Slow-Cooked Provencal Beef Stew for a healthy dinner recipe for a Dutch oven or our Orange-Tomato Couscous with Chicken for a satisfying Dutch-oven chicken recipe. So dust off your pot after a long summer on the shelf, and make one of these 21 warm, toasty, belly-filling fall recipes.
If you haven’t enjoyed Dutch oven cooking as the cook or the eater, you’ve been missing out! But what you put into the Dutch oven is pretty simple and uncomplicated; the cooking part is where it can get a little tricky. There are aluminum Dutch ovens available, but the most common ones sold and used are cast iron. Know that this will require more time and you might have to add fresh coals to keep it cooking hot enough for both ovens. I personally love dutch oven cooking and I can’t wait to try this stew over Labor Day weekend. I can make anything in a dutch oven that I can make in my slow cooker or oven at home, as long as it can fit. Seasoning means that it’s been rubbed with oil or vegetable shortening and baked in an oven for a few hours to develop a nice, black coating on the surface of the entire Dutch oven. Dutch ovens are best used for recipes requiring a long, slow cooking time, like stews, roasts, chili, etc.

The bigger (and deeper) the Dutch oven, the more people you can feed, and the heavier they are. In addition baking things directly in the oven, I also have several round trivets and wedding cake pans that I use to bake things in my dutch ovens so they will have airflow all around. It’s super simple once all the ingredients are prepped and only takes 30-45 minutes to cook in a 12-inch oven. Looking forward to learn more about Dutch oven cooking coz I might just give that a shot in the future. I’m sure they were designed that way for other reasons too, but the little legs are nice because the Dutch oven keeps upright much better over the coals. I do pizzas in my 16 inch oven and those I prepare in foil pizza pans which I put flat on the bottom of the oven so the crust can brown, and as soon as one is done I can put another one in (we are a family of 9).
By the time I’ve put everything into the Dutch oven, the coals are hot and ready to be used. Walmart also sells parchment dutch oven liners in the camping section which are really nice for cooking sticky foods like cobbler or barbeque chicken.
I can’t wait for the temperatures to cool a little so we can have a big dutch oven dinner! When you store the oven in the off season, place a folded piece of toweling between the lid and oven to allow air transfer and prevent condensation.

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