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If you’re concerned about heart health and eating for a better heart, try one of our quick and easy heart-healthy recipes for dinner. Thanks to these easy, healthy dinner recipes, you can solve the mystery of what to make tonight (and all those busy nights to come). These healthy dinner recipes can help you lower your risk of heart disease, as they are limited in saturated fat and rich in foods containing fiber and antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and nuts.

Our healthy gnocchi recipes, including recipes for homemade gnocchi and gnocchi sauce recipes, are flavorful, healthy dinners.
AppA selection of 900 (and growing) delicious, easy recipes you can prepare in as little as 20 minutes. If you’re buying gnocchi, look for shelf-stable gnocchi near other pasta and opt for whole-wheat gnocchi for the healthiest choice.

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