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Healthy side dishes for pork

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From a quick hummus to a moreish baba ganoush, turn to Turkish, Lebanese and Greek influences for our easy mezze recipes.
Our favourite recipes for simple and sophisticated starters that are quick and easy to prepare. Small plates of food are so fashionable, but we've got easy tapas recipes so you're not in the kitchen all night. But with parties come snacks, and we struggle with finding healthy options that still taste like indulgences. We also have lots of healthy dipping options: carrots, peppers, cucumbers, and whole grain pita bread, oh my! Liven up a sliced baguette or gluten-free crackers with this tasty beet pesto recipe, perfect for any summer soirГ©e.

Subscribe to the Life by DailyBurn newsletter for healthy tips, articles, recipes and more. So, when preparing food for our Oscar Party or any social gathering, we try to make dishes that have lots of flavor but with a lot less calories. I usually make a spinach and cheese cob loaf but it really isn’t healthy because it is FULL of cream and way too much cheese. So pass up the puff pastry-covered goodies in favor of these finger food alternatives from healthy recipe bloggers around the web. Plus, with only five ingredients (watermelon, feta, cucumber, mint and EVOO), this recipe is super easy to make and requires no baking (hooray!). So next time I make it I’m going to try and blend the recipes together and make a healthy version of my favourite dip.

Top the pesto with a sprinkle of goat cheese and basil for a party-pleasing spread that’s ready in 20 minutes or less. Using wonton wrappers instead of pasta (and don’t forget the spinach!), these hors d’oeuvres put a healthier twist on the Italian favorite. To dip, skip the ranch, and go for a healthier homemade dressing with Greek yogurt (like this recipe from Ali at Gimme Some Oven).

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