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Lunch should be healthy and nutritious, so avoid packing unhealthy food or junk food or food prepared with maida (all purpose flour) or processed food. A healthy start to a long day is important to keep up your pace and finish all your chores in time. Well, I have given few delicious and practical lunch box ideas for work (office), school that are nutritious, healthy and also easy to prepare. You can make uthappam with carrots or mixed vegetable uttappam to make it more healthy.Sponge dosa is also great for lunch as it will remain very soft until lunch time.

But, having the same cereals, oats and porridge for breakfast everyday can be so boring that you might want to avoid the the meal altogether.
Rajma Chawal (kidney beans rice) sweet corn rice, channa pulao, red beans rice, peas pulao are all healthy, nutritious and high in protein which is required for growing kids. Whole wheat, fresh green veggies, pulses and foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids are apt for keeping a diabetic healthy.
We list 10 healthy Indian breakfast options that are easy to prepare and provide the right boost of energy to kick-start your day.

To help you jazz up the breakfast table with a healthy, nutritious and tasty meal, we've listed down 10 easy diabetic-friendly recipes.

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