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Vegetarian dinner recipes will give you the right direction to make a delicious and healthy food for dinner.
Easy to cook and fuss-free, on the platter are 10 exciting recipes with unique textures that are sure to light up your evenings. From go-to potatoes to nutritious cauliflower and the flavour-rich bhindi, you will be spoilt for choice.

If you cringe at the mere mention of dal-rice for dinner, just like me, here's listing 10 Indian veg recipes. Serve it hot and if you want to try another recipe you can check the vegetarian dinner recipes. They are simple and appetising, and you will definitely enjoy a light, palatable and hearty dinner with your loved ones.

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  2. asasa:
    You Know?Sunflower seed flour almond flour.
    Almond flour in many baked flour in many baked goods various B vitamins, phosphorous, magnesium, and folate.
    Are loaded with protein, fiber, phytosterols loaded with protein, fiber, phytosterols, vitamin manganese.
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