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Save money on groceries with these healthy, easy and cheap dinner recipes that serve 4 for $5 or less.
Although healthy cooking has come a long way, there’s still a nagging perception that if something is low-fat and nutritious, it’s not going to taste good.
Maybe you planned to spend the weekend with family, friends or just yourself, quietly alone! I propose for the dinner menu this weekend: a perfect blend of dishes concentrating sweetness, lightness and fragrance.

Our healthy dinner recipes, including pasta recipes, panini recipes, chicken recipes and more easy recipes, are budget-friendly recipes to feed your whole family. There are lots of low- and non-fat options out there these days, so you can make your favorite recipes with fewer calories and less fat. There are thousands of healthy dishes out there just waiting to be invited to your family’s table. Try our Fettuccine with Shiitake Mushrooms & Basil or our Southwestern Cheese Panini for a satisfying dinner that’s cheap to prepare.

Healthy cooking isn’t about adding sprouts and tofu to everything under the sun—it’s about making delicious, healthy dishes out of the foods and flavors you love.

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