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The basic of paleo diet recipes is to eatВ whole, unprocessed, nutrient-dense, nourishing foods such asВ pastured meats, eggs, seafood, vegetables. Paleo diet has been proved to be helpful for weight loss, there’re one user revealed on Doctor OZ show that she has lost 30 pounds at the age of 38. I love that this recipe uses prawns that can be quickly defrosted or cooked raw from frozen (follow the pack instructions).

If you are getting back on track with the 5:2 Diet in January then you might find your first diet days harder than normal.
As long as your potatoes are cooked in advance this recipe takes just a few minutes to pull together. Palio diet was later more and more popular and favored by many celebrities such as Ray Mears, Megan fox and many others to use it for weight loss and better health.

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