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I happened upon your site looking for advice on cooking acorn squash and got hooked immediately!
Hi Ay Kay, there is no need to add water during cooking because I already added lemon juice and yogurt (which contain a sufficient amount of water for this recipe). I made this for dinner with some piri piri rice and threw a few tomatoes in too – absolutely fantastic!
Thanks for a terrific recipe that’s easy to follow and turns out terrific even if you can’t follow it exactly!
An Andhra style chicken curry recipe given to me by a dear friend who belongs to the Konaseema region of Andhra.
Many a times, I just want to kickback my shoes, put my feet up, lay down on the sofa, gaze into nothing and forget the fact that I have to go to the kitchen to cook dinner! I feel your pain and can appreciate your recipe all the more because most days the last thing I want to do is cook dinner for my husband and I. I was trying to find a name for it and decided that since the 2 main ingredients are yogurt and lemon, I would call it Easy Lemon Yogurt Chicken! Mix chicken cubes, indian spices, yogurt, salt, lemon juice and paste from step 1 together.

This favorite chicken curry recipe is usually prepared as a side with flavored rice like Tomato Pulao.
Few spices go into its making and ensure you marinate the chicken for at least 3-4 hrs if not overnight and roast the chicken well.
On Sunday, I cooked this special chicken dish along with phulkas and vegetable salad for a potluck.
I got that easy Mauritian-Indian recipe from my sister during the past winter holidays and thought I would share it with you all. A straightforward and quick pulao recipe that features basmati rice, chicken, coconut milk and fragrant spices.
I found this recipe at Varsha’s blog which has some authentic Kerala style non-vegetarian fare that I have bookmarked to try.
Chicken and methi complement each other really well and I’m eternally grateful to the origins of this recipe. I am not offended at all, your comments are most welcome for me to improve my food blogging! I had bookmarked a recipe for chicken stuffed buns quite some time ago but re-discovered it recently and got down to baking them over the weekend.

You can even add vegetables like carrot, beans and peas and increase the nutrition profile of the stew.This culinary gem of Kerala cuisine makes for a decent side with roti, paratha and rice too other than appam and puttu.
The key to this recipe is in the caramalized onions that are pureed along with curd forming the base of this creamy dish.
I think I am a total spoilsport for my better half too since I am sure he does not appreciate all my comments about "so much butter", "this one is cholesterol", "they used lots of sodium in this one", "I am sure they did not try the correct frying technique on this one - look how oily this is", "man this is way to sweet! Gets done in a jiffy and is also great for beginners who are starting out to explore the world of cooking.
I work with Better Recipes so I am always reviewing recipes but personally I love the recipes that can be prepared in 15 minutes or less.
For American born people its great to be able to sample other cultures through food which is exactly what i aim to do, so the better the recipe the easier that is.
Usually I would steam cauliflower before stir frying it but for this method, the addition of tomatoes ensures that the cauliflower cooks well and quickly.

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