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I wish I could pick up some cooking tips from the book and share the good food with friends. Take your recipes to any office supply retailer like FedEx or Mailboxes, Etc and have them scan your recipes for you.
For inspiration, check out 7 Tips for Creating a Recipe Book and thisВ sentimental recipe book of pies created by Rachel in honor of her grandmother. This basic cooking recipe book takes theВ  monotony out of reading recipes and allows simple illustrations to show people the way.

I have been a long-time fan of Bee’s blog and just like her website, her cookbook sizzles with easy and authentic Chinese recipes coupled with stunning food photos.
Each page of the Cookbook theme has a standard template you can use to enter the name of your dish, the ingredients and the cooking instructions. There are so many variations to the cooking rule and how to do things that people all over should be cooking. A lot of people are visual learners so cooking this way just may yield more help in the kitchen from the fellas (and lazy ladies too). I hope to win this cook book so that i can learn how to cook up basic dishes and cook for my family!

It’s a great book to add to your cookbook collection and make a great gift this coming Christmas holidays (see information on where to buy below).
Bee has kindly sponsored one (1) copy of her cookbook for Noob Cook readers residing in Malaysia and Singapore.
A man that cooks is extremely sexy so this book should be a must-have for every single dude.

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