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Molten Chocolate CakeMolten Chocolate CakeThese warm cakes are decadent yet easy to prepare. Chocolate Layer CakeChocolate Layer CakeNothing says "celebration" like frosted chocolate layers. The chocolateВ will be easierВ to incorporateВ and moreВ streamlinedВ if youВ adds 2 tablespoons ofВ beaten egg whiteВ until stiff.

The preparation ofВ the foamВ ends with the incorporation ofВ this chocolateВ with remainingВ egg whiteВ snow.В Mix wellВ with delicacy. The recipe forВ chocolate mousseВ with egg whiteВ as itВ is quite simpleВ enough to useВ as an ingredientВ ofВ dark chocolate,В sugar andВ egg whites. The following is a collection of sumptuous, decadent, and mouthwatering sweet-treats with one thing in common: chocolate.

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