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KhanaPakana features thousands of recipes from different areas and cultures of Pakistan, India, South Asia and from other countries around the world. Riku this is the simplest chicken curry recipe I’ve ever read and is nigh on impossible to get wrong.
Just made this with my own variations – I used boneless chicken thigh, added a green chili and also did not blend the onions and tomatoes. I have followed your recipe every time I make curry chicken, it always comes out fantastic.
Hi, I was born in Trinidad West Indies and later migrated to the U.S where I met my Pakistani husband. Made this today and followed your recipe almost exactly, with the addition potatoes (that’s how mum makes it).

Made this a few times now and the more closely I follow your recipe; the better it becomes. For comparison, my recipe used a lot of garlic and ginger – 10 cloves crushed garlic with an equal amount of diced ginger.
I shall definitely be trying this chicken curry – I never tire of this northern style of dish.
I have been trying to make this for the better part of the past year and I googled tons of recipes but it never tasted like home (neither did it look like it).. He loves my mothers cooking but I also know that he loves the cooking of his beloved Pakistan. The recipe is not written in stone though, and if you don’t want to blend it, that is fine, too.

I am especially interested in the food of Pakistan and Afghanistan, and also in the people who make and eat it, and its context in their lives whether they be at home or abroad. I have followed other recipes before, but I must say I really enjoy yours over any others I’ve tried. One day I came across your website and chicken curry recipe and thought this doesn’t seem so difficult and have it a try.

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