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Fast and easy dinners are really helpful when it comes to enjoying home-cooked meals after full workdays, but for some of us, having inexpensive meal ideas (or one that uses up pantry ingredients or leftovers) is even better.
Pizza Night – I quizzed the folks on the Good Cheap Eats facebook page last night about how much their local, non-chain pizza place charges.
I have been making bread, I got a great natural yeast start and I love making good nourishing breads with the soup. Salad bar: start with the lowest-cost greens in the store that week and set out toppings made from leftovers in the fridge.
Sandwich bar: set out an assortment of bread and rolls, an assortment of meat and cheese, low-cost veggies and condiments.
Fried rice with a small piece of leftover meat, eggs and veggies is by far our cheapest meal. Add some fun to your weekly meal planning with 5 affordable, creative dinner recipes your family is sure to love.

Find out why baking soda—a powerhouse of a product—is one of the most versatile and effective tools in your household arsenal. See all the versatile ways you can use vinegar to clean around the house, from freshening up coffee cups to loosening a rusty screw.
Here are five meals that will give you the best of both worlds: they come together quickly and easily, and the ingredients are either very affordable or pantry staples. Hover your mouse over the green text, click the link, and you will be directed to the recipe page. Since I make my own pancake mix from scratch, I control the ingredients as well as keep the price low. Homemade tastes better, is cheaper, and doesn’t contain the junk that is in commercial sauce. These restaurants, retailers and more offer special discounts and freebies on your birthday.

Inside the text box, in green text is "this dish." If you click on the green text, it will send you to the recipe page for chicken breast with goat cheese and basil. The meals not only build on one another, sharing common ingredients, but they are also quick to prepare and cost less than ten bucks each. I see pasta with red sauce and broccoli along with another dish but I can’t figure out what it is (I know it has cheese though), but anything with cheese has to be good in my book.

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