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Studies show that a meal packed with "brain foods" (those filled with healthy nutrients such as protein, vitamin B, and omega-3) will aid concentration, memory, and brain development, and can lessen mood swings and boost energy levels, too.
Stock up on healthy no-cooking-required staples such as fruits (fresh and dried), nuts, granola, and yogurt for easy last-minute breakfasts. Boiled, scrambled, baked, or fried: However you like them, eggs are versatile and quick to cook, and can help begin the day with protein and other essential nutrients. Cut down on butter, cream, and cheese to trim away the calories and saturated fat in your favorite breakfast dishes. Morning Pizzas: Here's a healthy, delicious and homemade pizza recipe for a champ's morning kick! Once a week we post content from our partners at Red Tricycle, an excellent online source for parents looking for cool things to eat, see, make and do with their kids.

Bringing you essential news on restaurants, shopping, arts and other cultural happenings in Seattle. Weekly emails with early access to stories, events and occasional sponsored content we think you'll love. Feeding school-age kids a quick and healthy breakfast can be particularly challenging, but it's not impossible. If it's made with dairy products such as milk or yogurt or with fortified soy, a smoothie can help meet the recommended daily intake for calcium and protein. Fresh fruit salads and yogurt-granola parfaits require minimum effort and can pack a nutritional punch. Toast English muffin halves, drizzle with olive oil, and layer some tomato slices and hard cooked egg slices, top with some cheese and broil 5 minutes or until the cheese melts.

Whether you can pull off a sit-down meal, or need breakfast on the go, we've got quick, healthy, and nutritionally-balanced recipes and tips to ensure everyone in the family is well-fed and ready for the day.
Bake them in advance, store them in an airtight container, and then reheat using the toaster oven. Use a mini-blender or immersion stick blender to customize multiple smoothies and to keep clean up to a minimum.

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