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This is a long term plan (months) which takes you through 4 phases, each becoming less restrictive than the next. Thought it has a lot of fans, the Dukan diet also has a lot of critics, namely doctors and some institutions which do not recommend doing it citing health concerns. However, this is the phase where you will likely not lose any weight which is something most dieters don’t know until they try it.
You can eat anyway you want, but once every week, you must do a phase 1 style diet and eat only protein. In all honesty, I believe the biggest reason are so excited about this diet is because they though Kate Middleton tried it. The truth is, the only real benefits of this plan are that you do lose weight at first and it’s a long term solution, but aside from that, the rest is just not worth the effort.

While there are side effects to the Dukan diet, there is no unanimous verdict on whether it’s safe or not. This phase is meant to literally stabilize your results and maintain them, which is good, since most diets go through a yo-yo trend anyway. The Dukan diet has been around for decades, but it was only when rumors spread that she may have used it that this diet really took off. However, even though you do get to eat however you want by the end of this plan, it’s quite difficult to get there as it can take months. I personally recommend trying a much better, much more flexible diet that’s rated #1 on this site.
Yes you can lose weight with it, but there are a lot of misconceptions about this plan you have to know before doing it.

As you progress further into this diet, it becomes easier to handle, but on the flip side, the weight loss results greatly diminish. You can lose weight with this plan, but there are better alternatives as you’ll find out. Pierre Dukan, the inventor of this plan recommends Thursdays, although the choice is completely yours.
There are much easier ways to lose weight and keep it off for good without going through this kind of diet.

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