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Disclaimer: The food list is a useful recource but it does not explain the theory behind the dukan diet. Trim: Julianne Howarth, 51, (pictured) dropped from a snug size 12 to a comfortable 10 on the Dukan diet.
At its heart is an acknowledgement of the pleasure of eating, making Dukan the perfect way to get in shape for your summer holiday. As the Mail revealed on Saturday, the Dukan Holiday Diet kick-starts with a short, sharp attack phase, detailed below, during which you can eat unlimited quantities of meat and fish (but no-fat dairy products), moving on after one to ten days (depending on how much weight you have to lose) to the cruise phase, during which protein days are alternated with ones when you can add unlimited salad and veg. I spotted the article about Dukan in the Daily Mail last April and when I told Michael, he joked: 'If you ever get to be a size 14 again, I'll marry you!' I launched myself into the diet with five days of attack and the weight fell off, then I switched to cruise (alternating pure protein days with protein and vegetable days) and this April I hit my target weight of 12st 3lb.
YOU CAN EVEN DRINK WINE ON HOLIDAYLast September, Jenni Murray weighed 19st, but since starting the high-protein, low-carb Dukan Diet she has lost three stone.

If you decide to download my pdf list, I wouldn’t mid if you said thanks or anything in the comments section at the end of this page.
The plan was to lose a bit of weight to make room for the inevitable holiday indulgence — but now we’re eating so healthily, it’s become quite addictive, and I’m not sure we’ll be going quite as mad as we usually do when we’re away.Brian and I both lost two stone on Dukan at the end of last year. The Dukan Holiday Diet, which Dr Pierre Dukan has specially adapted for the Mail and is continuing all week in this paper, will help you get bikini ready and keep on-target while on holiday. Type in DM50 to get a 50 per cent discount on your online Dukan membership, for daily motivational tips and tricks.
The Dukan Diet has been one of the most popular weight-loss plans in Britain since it was launched here in April 2010 - the Duchess of Cambridge's mother Carole Middleton used it to slim down before the Royal Wedding.
THE ATTACK PHASE Dr Dukan says this initial short, sharp shock stage of the diet, which your FREE recipe cards cover, is so effective because it restricts the body to protein-only foods.

Devised by French doctor Pierre Dukan, this high-protein, low-fat eating plan has been credited with swift weight loss for those who find dieting a struggle.
I do miss fruit when we’re in this stage of the diet, but I think your tastebuds gradually change and you don’t crave sweet things as much as you used to.We do occasionally have our off-days. Dr Dukan says this makes you feel full, disrupts the absorption of solid food, rinses the taste buds, and slows the meal down, allowing the chemicals that send out messages of satisfaction more time to pass through the blood and reach the brain so that you stop feeling hungry.

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