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If when you started the Dukan Diet you thought you would have to give up sandwiches altogether then think again: there is an easy peasy way of making delicious Dukan-friendly sarnies by simply replacing the bread with the oat bran galette and filling with no-fat cream cheese such as Quark and your favourite cold meats. On top of that, oat bran galette sandwiches can be prepared in advance and stored in the fridge so that, whether you want to take them to work for lunch, as a snack, or simply fancy having something you can munch on throughout the day, you don’t have to get the pan out every time. Oat bran galette sandwiches are the most convenient lunch, snack or even breakfast for you to take to work during the Attack Phase or PP Days.
The Dukan Diet uses protein-based foods and portion control for weight loss and oat bran is one of the stars of the Dukan Diet food list.
Present daily in the Dukan Diet menu, oat bran is usually prepared in pancakes (galettes), but you can also try the tasty cookies and muffins, Dukan Diet recipes that are easy and fast to make. Easy to prepare and cook in just 7 minutes, the galette is one of the most important Dukan Diet recipes.

Mix the oat bran, fromage frais or quark in a bowl and add the egg or just the egg white if have cholesterol problems. If you want a delicious sandwich, make scrambled eggs and add them between two Dukan Diet galettes with turkey bacon. With only 5 minutes preparation time and 15 minutes cooking time, oat bran muffins are one of the best Dukan Diet recipes with oat bran. Mix up your Dukan Diet plan with cookies that are easy to bake and delicious in two different versions: soft or crunchy. You can use less oat bran based on the Dukan Diet Phase you’re following, but the rest of the ingredients can remain the same. These cookies are great for satisfying cravings as well as fulfilling your daily bran needs.

Fill your sandwich with your preferred cooked meat and, voilГ , you have a yummy Dukan-friendly sarnie to enjoy! Used in every step of the diet, from the Dukan Diet Attack Phase to the Stabilization Phase, oat bran can be part of delicious recipes that respect the diet’s restrictions.

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