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The Dukan Diet, made popular when Kate Middleton and her mother reportedly followed the plan to slim down in preparation for the royal wedding, is back.
At this point you can reintroduce limited amounts of fresh fruit, whole-wheat bread, and cheese into your diet, plus enjoy two weekly servings of starchy foods, such as pasta, beans, or potatoes.
However you must still follow the pure protein diet from the attack phase for one day a week (for some reason, the plan says on Thursdays) and continue to supplement with the oat bran.Lastly is the stabilization phase where you can basically eat whatever you want, but you need to include one Thursday of pure protein each week and 3 tablespoons of oat bran daily.

Chat rooms, recipes, and many other tools are made available.I think this type of membership could be helpful for many people, and it actually reminds me of Weight Watchers, of which I am a fan. No diet should leave you feeling poorly, and with a restrictive, low-carb and low-fiber diet, you probably will.

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