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If you are following the Dukan Diet plan and you are searching for Dukan friendly recipes then you have come to the right website.
Here at Dukan Diet Meals we are always on the lookout for new Dukan Diet recipes so if you have a personal favourite you would like to share with your community please do not hesitate to get in touch and we’ll publish your recipe as soon as possible.
Attack Phase RecipesKick-start your weight loss with our range of pure-protein Dukan-friendly recipes. Cruise Phase RecipesTake a look at our favourite Dukan Diet recipes for PP and P+V days and discover how following this plan doesn’t mean having to give up on tasty meals packed full of flavours. Lunch IdeasFrom omelettes and soups to salads and sandwiches, all of the Dukan Diet recipes within this section are extremely easy to prepare and can be enjoyed both at home and at work. Because slimming guru Dr Pierre Dukan says anyone can enjoy them and still lose weight – with a few low-cal tweaks. The French slimming expert has sold more than 12 ­million copies of his revolutionary diet book The Dukan Diet, outselling Harry Potter and picking up an army of fans, including Katherine Jenkins, J­ennifer Lopez and Carole Middleton. A passionate believer that successful dieting is all about “rediscovering the pleasure” that comes with eating good food, his diet doesn’t count calories but instead is based on high protein, low carb food intake.

And now his latest book, The Dukan Diet Desserts and Patisseries, is set to cause another storm, because it features the Holy Grail for slimmers – desserts and cakes you can eat which are low in fat and sugar. Dr Dukan, who says his wife and two children love sweet things, was inspired to write his new book after realising that his millions of devoted ­followers were looking for something more from their food.
There are 72 high-protein foods allowed including lean beef, chicken and fish without any added oil or butter.
2 Process the oat bran as finely as possible using a blender or food processor and then combine with all the other ingredients. As a follower of this diet myself, I have decided to put together a collection of my favourite Dukan Diet recipes in the hope that it will provide inspiration for fellow dukaners as well as fight one of the main causes of all diet slip ups: boring and flavourless meals! P+V stands for protein and vegetables and has been used to mark recipes which are suitable for vegetable days within the Cruise Phase. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date with the latest Dukan-friendly recipes and articles from the blog. We have sandwiches, wraps, burgers, frittatas and even chicken fajitas – all Dukan-friendly of course.

Whether you fancy something savoury or have a sweet tooth, check out our Dukan Diet recipes and start the day than with a nice, healthy and filling breakfast. Discover my top picks for PP and P+V days as well as scrumptious recipes for skinny coffee frappuccino and frozen yoghurt. Whether you’re searching for protein-only ideas or need some inspiration for P+V days, cooking Dukan-style has never been easier! To one bowl, add the red-pink food colouring and the raspberry flavouring and to the other bowl, add the green food colouring and the peppermint flavouring.
Then came muffins, and before I knew it I had a whole load of desserts which weren’t bad for you.“Friends started to send me recipes and I decided to put them in a book.
There are 72 “high-protein’’ foods allowed, including lean beef, chicken and fish without added oil or butter.

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