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It is really a bit of a cheek to call this recipe Oat Bran Free Dukan Bread because it is actually a very well established recipe which has been used by followers of the Atkins Diet for many years.В В It just so happens that these rolls are also equally suitable for followers of the Dukan Diet butВ I think it would have too confusing to give this recipe it proper name which is Atkins Revolution Rolls or Ooopsie Rolls.
The really great thing about these rolls is that they use ingredients that you can eat on every day of the Dukan Diet including the first quick weight loss phase – Attack. As well as providingВ the recipe below I’ve also found a very helpful YouTube video that demonstrates how to make this Oat Bran Free Dukan Bread.

This whey powder is fine and there is no reason why your kids should not have this food as part of a balanced diet.
If when you started the Dukan Diet you thought you would have to give up sandwiches altogether then think again: there is an easy peasy way of making delicious Dukan-friendly sarnies by simply replacing the bread with the oat bran galette and filling with no-fat cream cheese such as Quark and your favourite cold meats.
Oat bran galette sandwiches are the most convenient lunch, snack or even breakfast for you to take to work during the Attack Phase or PP Days.

Fill your sandwich with your preferred cooked meat and, voilГ , you have a yummy Dukan-friendly sarnie to enjoy!

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