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The nutritional staircase contains educational, visual weight-loss guidelines and was designed by Pierre Dukan in 2012 to help you maintain your weight. At this point, you have reached the top of the stairs with a new way of eating a nutritionally balanced diet. The first 2 steps make up the Dukan Diet list of 100 foods you can eat in unlimited quantities.
It illustrates an express version of Dukan Diet rules - a 7 day diet - for those who need to lose less than 10 lbs.

Pierre Dukan has worked with many overweight people at all walks of life to help them find a permanent solution to their weight loss endeavors. After reading the book, the goal is to get the body into an anabolic state that’s burning fat, get some immediate results, then introduce vegetables, then introduce fruit, grains, etc.
I can tell you that this diet is not for me – I found a vegan approach to be a much better way to lose weight and retrain my body around healthier eating. My sister has just started this diet, personally don’t need to do it but she is finding it quite easy so far having completed the attack phase.

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  1. Posthumosty:
    Did You Know?Sunflower seed flour in many baked goods sunflower seeds are loaded with protein, fiber.
  2. Super_Nik:
    Substitute for almond flour with protein, fiber, phytosterols, vitamin E, copper vitamin E, copper, manganese.
  3. NELLY:
    Copper, manganese, selenium, various B vitamins.