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A huge painting of an impossibly slim and sexy woman, spread-eagled and completely naked, greets visitors to diet guru Pierre Dukan’s beautifully-appointed consulting room in an expensive Paris neighbourhood. An international phenomenon, he launched an online diet ‘coaching’ business as well as online shops. Dukan was lambasted last year when he suggested France tackled its obesity problem (yes, even France has one, though Dukan trades heavily off his country’s reputation for slender women) by giving extra marks to secondary school students who lost weight or stayed thin. At the end of your first three phases, the online program features an ongoing stabilization program. The Dukan diet’s online slimming coaching program presents a personalized version of the diet plan outlined in the book.
I’ve done online dieting before and have friends who have done others and on say Weight Watchers and Slimmers World you put in what you eat each day and it registers if you have overdone it or where you are going wrong. And it wasn’t just faddy showbusiness stars who became converts.After interviewing Dukan on Woman’s Hour, Jenni Murray started down his calorie-busting path. There are enough Dukan books for a library, including The Dukan Diet Life Plan, The Complete Dukan Cookbook and Dukan: The Oat Bran Miracle. The 72-year-old nutritionist has been censured in the strongest terms by France’s national medical board for ‘breaching ethical regulations’ in prescribing the drug Mediator, an amphetamine derivative believed to have killed up to 1,800 people in France, to a patient who wanted to lose weight.‘In resorting to untruthful assertions, Dr Dukan displayed behaviour which lacks probity and discredits the profession,’ reads the medical board’s ruling.

The four-step diet is helpfully simple and prescriptive, unfolding with all the determined precision of a military assault.Step One is called the ‘Attack’ phase - two to seven days of eating as much as you want of 72 almost pure protein foods such as fish, lean meat, skimmed milk and fat-free cottage cheese. If you don’t plan on signing up for the online service, take a screenshot of this page and keep it handy.
My parents filled out the questionnaire as well; they got the same price quote for the online coaching program, but their programs will take 439 days to complete.
I’ll sign up for the online program after the holidays and compare it to the book to evaluate the resources each delivery method offers. Thats simple, you put in the food and it tells you in black and white whether you can eat it or not on each phase of the diet, simples!
Even President Francois Hollande reportedly adopted the Dukan diet so he could have more luck reining in his expanding waistline than he has had with runaway French spending.And where stick-thin celebrities lead, the public is sure to follow.
Jenni Murray told in the Mail how she had lost 5st on the Dukan Diet, only to put it all back on again just as quickly. He denies wrongdoing and has said he will appeal.The penalties are purely symbolic as Dukan voluntarily struck himself off the doctors’ register last year after complaints. But there were always rumblings of dissent about his quick-fix diet formula of rapid weight loss tied to a strict regimen of 72 protein rich foods and a blanket ‘non’ to fats and carbohydrates.Hadn’t this been tried before with the Atkins diet, some asked.

Dukan’s cunning solution has been simply to adapt his diet with new books, such as this year’s Dukan Diet Desserts And Patisseries.Dukan says he developed the diet in the Seventies as a humble GP when a patient asked him how he could lose weight without giving up meat. For the rest of your life.Medical critics have long argued it is dangerous, as are all heavily unbalanced diets.
He has always insisted his methods are safe and healthy, claiming that he would never endorse his diet for anyone ‘who is healthy and at their right weight’.
In 2011, it was voted the year’s worst diet by the British Dietetic Association - worse even than those that advocate binge drinking or eating according to blood group.‘There is absolutely no solid science behind this at all,’ an association spokesman said.
But, as Pierre Dukan and his ilk know only too well, dieting ‘experts’ are preaching to a congregation of the desperate.
In the same year, Dukan lost a slander case against Jean-Michel Cohen, a nutritionist who told a French magazine the Dukan diet could cause ‘serious health problems’ such as a steep rise in cholesterol, cardiovascular problems and breast cancer.
The hearing did not judge the case on scientific or health grounds but solely in relation to the slander claims.Last year, it emerged that Ashley Harrison, a 50-year-old British advertising company boss, was left in a coma after trying the Dukan diet.

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