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The start of the New Year always prompts a lot of New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight or eat more healthily so it seem appropriate to put together a post which explained the main principles of the Dukan Diet.
Before I start it is important to understand that the Dukan Diet is continually being refined and adapted by Dr Dukan so the information provided may slightly differ from other information that you have read elsewhere on the Internet or even in Dr Dukan’s own Dukan Diet books. The changes are usually quite small and designed to make the diet easier to follow or better nutritionally. In some ways I blame Dr Dukan for the some of the bad press that his diet has received because his marketing of the diet has over simplified his method almost beyond recognition. Of course my list of 15 points below is also an over simplification of the diet but hopefully it will help you put a little more flesh on the bones of your understanding of the Dukan Diet and if you want to know more you could spend a little more time exploring my site or you could decide buy one of Dr Dukan’s Diet books. The Dukan Diet is a four phase eating plan that you will be able to follow to lose weight and keep it off forever. Apart from goji berries and rhubarb all fruit is banned from the first two weight loss stages of the diet.

The Diet restricts the levels of sugar, carbs and fat eaten, not allowing any food with added sugar starch or fat but doesn’t ban them where they naturally occur in the food.
Dr Dukan added oat bran to his diet because of the beneficial health impacts in preventing diabetes and reducing cholesterol – he also considers it to be the most satisfying food in his diet. There is quite a long list of additional permitted items which make following the Diet much more palatable for example even on pure protein days you can have small amounts of onion, tomato puree and garlic. When you’ve reached your target weight in the third phase, Consolidation you add in certain fruit, certain starchy foods, some cheeses and other foods in a Cein a controlled manner but keep to one day a week of Pure Protein, the famous Dukan Thursday. The problem with the Dukan Diet is that Dr Dukan is constantly making minor changes to his diet and these changes appear in the paid coached version of the diet first.
You are right it is difficult to keep up with all of the tweaks that Dr Dukan keeps making! There is no minimum amount of protein to be eaten but it is the protein which powers the weight loss in this diet.

There are no guidelines on the amount of protein to eat in either of the copies of the books that I have and I’ve never seen this.
I am currently on the cruise phase, I read the book prior to commencing but have found your site to be extremely helpful. I just read your article with 15 points explaining the Dukan diet, and point 4 worries me some.

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