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It has been a while since I posted any recipes so I thought I’d put together a recipe post that was suitable for the Attack Phase.
The recipe given below is suitable as it is for PP days but you can add some finely diced vegetables to the mixture if you will be eating it on a PV day in the Cruise Phase. You are also allowed 1 tablespoon of wheat bran each day so you could swap the oat bran for wheat bran in this recipe and then still be able to have the Dukan toast. Remove skin for those on Dukan Diet and serve with plain fat free yoghurt with a squeeze of lime juice.

Meringues are a great way to allow yourself a sweet snack or to make your dessert that little bit extra special and as they are basically egg white and sweetener you can enjoy this treat totally guilt free.В  They are easy to make too! I have a sweet tooth and am worried that I am going to fail on this diet, as I cannot satisfy my sweet cravings at all.
It might be better to find another diet to follow if you believe you won’t be able to stick to the Dukan due to the lack of sugar. One of the suggestions that the Dukan coaches make when someone’s weight loss hits a plateau is to cut back dairy consumption from 1 kg per day to 500 g as this helps reduce the carbs being consumed.

Don’t avoid vegetables as they are a very important part of the diet and help provide useful vitamins and minerals.

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