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Meringues are a great way to allow yourself a sweet snack or to make your dessert that little bit extra special and as they are basically egg white and sweetener you can enjoy this treat totally guilt free.В  They are easy to make too! I have a sweet tooth and am worried that I am going to fail on this diet, as I cannot satisfy my sweet cravings at all.
It might be better to find another diet to follow if you believe you won’t be able to stick to the Dukan due to the lack of sugar. One of the suggestions that the Dukan coaches make when someone’s weight loss hits a plateau is to cut back dairy consumption from 1 kg per day to 500 g as this helps reduce the carbs being consumed.
You have to alternate Phase 1 and Phase 2 until you’ve reached your goal weight before going on to phase 3. However, I found an interesting cookbook by Dr Dukan last time I was visiting my parents in France. Many recipes are allowed during the first 2 phases of the diet even if they contain a small amount of carbs (most of the time a few spoons of oat bran or corn starch). I researched the diet before starting it, read every Dukan book I could find, saw nothing scary or bizarre so did it. By the way, those who think it is vege free – I eat more veges than meat following this diet. First i should thank you for posting the recipes as i wanted something quick before i bought the book.Also like other readers said, you mentioned Dukan says no exercise and vegetables in Attack phase.
Hi i have been on the dukan diet for 22 days and I agree it is a very tough diet and it does take a bit of imagination to make your food yummie! Sorry that I did not go through all the comments, but I read this article and felt that I must leave a comment: after giving birth to 2 children, working in an office and having no time for visting gyms, the Dukan diet was the only soulution for me. Yes, I have to admit that dessert are not the best part of this diet, but at lest you have something to have when really carving for sweet taste, and in the third phase you can enjoy REAL chocolate twice a week. If you assume delicious desserts and cakes are off the menu if you want to shift the pounds, then you’re wrong! Because slimming guru Dr Pierre Dukan says anyone can enjoy them and still lose weight – with a few low-cal tweaks.
The French slimming expert has sold more than 12 ­million copies of his revolutionary diet book The Dukan Diet, outselling Harry Potter and picking up an army of fans, including Katherine Jenkins, J­ennifer Lopez and Carole Middleton. A passionate believer that successful dieting is all about “rediscovering the pleasure” that comes with eating good food, his diet doesn’t count calories but instead is based on high protein, low carb food intake.
And now his latest book, The Dukan Diet Desserts and Patisseries, is set to cause another storm, because it features the Holy Grail for slimmers – desserts and cakes you can eat which are low in fat and sugar.

Dr Dukan, who says his wife and two children love sweet things, was inspired to write his new book after realising that his millions of devoted В­followers were looking for something more from their food. Don’t avoid vegetables as they are a very important part of the diet and help provide useful vitamins and minerals.
Dukan (the doctor who invented the diet) recommends avoiding any strenuous activities in the Attack Phase as you will probably feel tired. Most of the time you eat normally, but every Thursday, you follow a pure protein day by eating only foods allowed in the Attack Phase. Other than cloudy, I don’t think anyone commenting has actually read the book and studied the complete diet plan. One day of no veggies is not a big deal in the long run and you can certainly skip the Attack phase if you’d rather). I finished the diet (this means that I still keep protein Thursdays and excercise 20-30 mins a day), and I haven’t regained anything in the last 8 months (inc. 5 millions is probably the number of books sold, not the number of people who successfully followed the diet. I think any real doctor would never recommend avoiding vegetables and physical activity even for the very few first days of a diet.
Bless you mom :) The Attack phase has only protein and consists of a list of 72 protein foods but this phase only lasts for 3-10 days its up to you how long you wish to stay on it.
So, if you have a need to lose weight and other types of dieting aren’t working, buy the book, do the research and then decide.
He does say to do a minimum of 30 minutes per day in the Attack phase- that is more than most lazy people do in a day so it’s a vast improvement. This diet was the most effective diet I’ve ever been on and is great for anyone who wants to shed those extra pounds! I have been active through out the diet and have never felt tired unless I have had a very busy day! I wrote this article about the desserts because my blog is dedicated to high-protein low-sugar desserts so it made sense to talk about it and test the recipes even if I don’t follow the diet. From the 2nd phase on, you have a wide range of variety to choose from, plus you have to excercise at least half an hour a day. I did 10 days and lost almost 12 pounds so I was encouraged and excited to move into the next one which is the Cruise phase. On Dukan, I reversed my prediabetes, lost the last 13 lbs of baby weight (finally!) and my blood work post-Dukan was excellent.

I really enjoy Dukan diet and my husband was able to reduce weight and we are both happy with this. Moreover, my wife, who has fought and lost the weight batle so many times her body just wouldn’t lose, is consistently losing pounds and inches on Dukan.
I don’t quite understand why you would review a cookbook for a particular diet if you have no interest in the diet. Dukan Diet so that you stay on track and lose wieght Dukan Diet Attack Phase Recipe List Discover this delicious chicken recipe geared for the Cruise phase of the Dukan Diet. Dukan knows that this is a good way for people to see results on the scale very fast (even if they’re losing mainly water weight and not body fat) and to keep them interested in staying on his diet.
This phase introduces 28 vegetables and they are in addition to all the foods you are allowed in the Attack phase. I purchased it on kindle and have, since then, also ordered the Dukan recipe book from a used book seller. And after this phase is over, the diet is rich in both proteins as well as low-carb vegetables. Im just wondering if i could have the recipe for those marshmallows…they look delish! Attack phase is easy, though you do get tired for a couple of days, and the Cruise phase (most of your time) is a snap, cause the pounds just fall off. I am now in the Consolidation phase where you can eat all the foods from the Attack and the Cruise phases with the addition of 2 slices of bread (preferably wholemeal) and one piece of fruit daily, 2 serves of carbs and 2 celebration meals a week which can be anything.
There is a lot more to this diet than the first week of pure protein, and you can completely get it wrong if you don’t understand how and why to do it exactly right. And he acknowledges the similarities between his diet and the Atkins diet, but all it takes is asking one person on this diet to tell you the HUGE different: Fats.
This diet not only opened my eyes about eating good food, but also about loving your shape…because you can see, how the inches are disappearing from your waste. Readers should read the whole program and all four stages before making a judgement on this diet. After ten days on PROTEIN ONLY, and still being very active, attending all the classes as normal, I have lost a stone after three weeks (Protein attack phase and PP+PV days).

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