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Transfer limes to sterilised jars and pour over cooking liquid; limes should be just covered, but there should still be space in the jar to allow for pickling juices. Rachel mentioned using lemon and lime powder for baking (but wasn`t keen on the color – our dried lemons also turn out very dark).
Karen, I`ve never tried but boy that sounds good – based on the comment above about lime pepper I can`t see why this wouldn`t work. One of my favorite uses for dried limes is to make my own lime pepper by crushing some with mixed peppercorns in the mortar and pestle.

I usually stuff half a lemon in the body cavity of a chicken before I roast it – I think using dehydrated lime slices would add a bright, interesting flavor, as well.
Sometimes I absolutely love it, like in the case of key lime pie, key lime candies, or key lime anything, but sometimes I absolutely hate it as was always the case with lime lollipops or popsicles. Put some of your dried limes in a spice grinder with some kosher salt and turn them into a fine powder. I found a big bag of limes on the sale table at our local grocer for $1 so I brought them home, zested them and then juiced them.

Reduce heat to low, cover and cook for 10 minutes or until limes slightly soften and turn yellow.
Most of their teas included black tea, so I decided to opt for this lime tea because it had only one ingredient – Dried Lime.

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