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Spray Dryer Absorption (SDA) is a dry scrubbing process that is generally used for low-sulfur coal. Flue gas is treated in an absorber by mixing the gas stream concurrently with atomized lime slurry droplets. There have been tremendous improvements in dry scrubbing technologies as their performance is now equal to wet FGD in most cases.

The lime slurry is atomized through rotary cup spray atomizers or through dual fluid nozzles. Both of the new technologies Circulating Dry Scrubbers (CDS) and Novel Integrated Desulfurization (NID) are similar in nature and performance. However, to achieve sulfur dioxide (SO2) reduction above 80% with good reagent use, the dry scrubber is generally followed by a baghouse.

The desulfurized flue gas, along with reaction products, unreacted lime, and the fly ash passes out of the dry scrubber to the bag-house.

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