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A brief lapse in my mango defenses resulted in me buying this sachet of dried fruit the other day. I, like many Trader Joe’s regulars, have passed up the bracketfuls of dried fruit bars at the checkout lines on countless occasions.
In charge of the Fruit Bar Division (Boysenberry, Apricot, Raspberry, Strawberry, Passionfruit) we have Jerry O’Conal, 42 trim, and coincidentally homophonic twin of actor Jerry O’Connell.
In charge of the Fruit Wrap Division (Apple-Raspberry, Apple-Banana, Apple-Blueberry, Apple-Strawberry) is Igmar Eisenlumb or “Iron Tusk”, a German immigrant, also 42 and trim. All of which means they;re good – chewy, pliable, quarter inch thick slices of a simple tasty fruit.
There is a wide world of difference between the dried green mango I enjoyed the other day and these. The slices themselves are stiff, broad flaps of fruit of drab whitish yellow – very different from the bright candy yellow-orange of sweetened mango. Tags: Dried Dragon Fruit, dried fruit, dry chili, dry fruit, fruitland, Fruits & Nuts, fruits and nuts, great for snacking and low in carbs! Dried Mango Slices This whole sweet treat can be eaten straight out of the package as a sweet and tangy treat everyone will enjoy.
Dried Peaches Ideal for spring and summer, this beloved fruit can be used to liven up a Mango Sangria or White Wine Spritzer. Known as carambola, the five-pointed star fruit is comparable to a mix of papaya, orange and grapefruit all at once.

Smoky and sweet, these two sensational flavors infused in this sweet tropical fruit will kick up your favorite salsa and marinade. If there is mango in my house, dried or otherwise, there is an increasingly likelihood, day by day, that I will enter a mango frenzy, stuff it all into my mouth and once, then burst into the streets looking for more.
As a denizen of that astonishing salmagundi we know as Los Angeles, I’ve purchased my share my share of fresh, sliced fruit from curbside cart pushers. Finally, not unlike with their chocolate nibs, the persistence of their offering has succeeded in wearing down my defense, leading me to pick up both the Trader Joe’s Boysenberry Fruit Bar and the Trader Joe’s Apple and Raspberry Fruit Wrap. The fruit bars are slightly more filling, with more fiber packed into the same number of calories, and more exotic varieties to choose from.
One of those strange liminal fruits of the world that, like the lychee or jack fruit, is known by some, occasionally encountered, but largely a mystery, a stranger lurking on the edges on the far edge of the apples and bananas.
On top of this, the persimmons are both unsulfured (adding sulfur dioxide extends the shelf life of dried fruit, but causes allergic reactions in some individuals) and unsweetened. My ongoing, free-verse tribute to my intense loveВ of mangoes continues today with this lovely dried, unsweetened and unsulfured variety I picked up. With no sugar added, nectarines are super nutritious and low on calories so eat plenty, grab some now! Slightly sweet, the fruit can be enjoyed right out of the package, in salad, cakes, jams, jellies,or to garnish food dishes. Dried papaya can be made into salsa rub for pork tenderloins, or mixed with sea salt, virgin coconut oil and lime you will experience complete bliss with a Bali inspired salad.

Our Dried Apple Rings are perfect for snacking, eaten alone or in a salad, not to mention, a sufficient source of fiber!
Dried Cantaloupe is quite similar to the naturally sweet flavor of dried mango and when combined with summer squash, it makes a refreshing salad. His unusual past and a tendency to ruthlessly apply logic to every situation has rendered him a perpetual outsider – albeit one with an exceptional track record in the fruit wrap field.
If that sounds like the taste for you, by all means go ahead and pick up some persimmon, either dried or otherwise. The skin is firm and taut, tight-packed with the fruit’s juicy flesh, juicy but not overflowing, not sopping, merely permeated with the sweet, wet juices. If forced at gun point I’d go with the fruit bar over the fruit wrap because, in the end, I like my fingers to be clean. These steps are usually taken to keep the dehydrated fruit looking and tasting something more or less like they do on the branch. The apples very sweet and might easily replace dried cranberries, although at a much higher price per ounce.
Not only does the absence of extra sugar make the snack more healthful and diet friendly, but it allows the natural fruity flavors to delicately emerge.

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