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The limes are also available powdered, worth seeking out as they're difficult to grind fine. Dried limes are often in Middle Eastern groceries, especially those with a strong Iranian presence.
As a native of Queens, New York, Max developed an early hunger for dosas, dumplings, and Korean barbecue. Simply pricked a few times and dropped into your cooking liquid of choice they drink up broths and release a subtle acidity that, unlike acids themselves, remains bright even after hours of stewing.

He'll do just about anything for a good cup of tea and enjoys long walks down the aisles of Chinese groceries. They taste like limes, but also like much more: a note of asafoetida and all the richness and complexity of a stellar vinegar. As for legumes, well, they haven't had an ally like this since onions and garlic came on the scene. But as the weather turns cool and citrus juice becomes a welcome note of freshness on the squash-, stew-, and gratin-heavy table, this spice is limited only by the broths you can soak it in.

But while a really good vinegar could set you back $20 to $40, a season's supply of limu omani will cost you a few dollars. The shipping is high, but five ounces of these ultra-light spheres will last you for years.

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